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DayDateTime StartTime EndTitlePresentersLocation
WedApr 0309:00 AM05:00 PMMinimaps and Targeted Training Without A QEEGEd HamlinTBD
WedApr 0309:00 AM05:00 PMThe Nature of Forgetting: The Treatment of DissociationSebern Fisher
WedApr 0309:00 AM05:00 PMAdvanced Beginner SkillsMary Ammerman
WedApr 0307:30 PM09:00 PMInternational Neurofeedback Discussion, with guests Mirjana Askovic, Alikki Russell, Mitzi Hollander, Monique Chasteau, Moshe Perl, John FisherSebern Fisher
ThursApr 0409:00 AM05:00 PMAssessing and Training ConnectivityRob Coben
ThursApr 0409:00 AM05:00 PMWorking with Children & AdolescentsAnna Morrell
ThursApr 0409:00 AM05:00 PMNeurofeedback and Chronic PainEd Jacobs
ThursApr 0409:00 AM05:00 PMReviewing the Review ScreenEd Hamlin
ThursApr 0405:30 PM08:30 PMWelcome ReceptionPatti Lightstone
FriApr 0507:00 AM08:30 AMBreakfast
FriApr 0508:30 AM08:45 AMRegistration & Sign-in
FriApr 0508:45 AM09:00 AMWelcome
FriApr 0509:00 AM10:30 AMNeurofeedback program at STARTTS - Lessons we learned and where to go from hereMirjana Askovic
FriApr 0610:30 AMBreak
FriApr 0510:45 AM11:45 AMNeurophysiological framework for learningMitzi Hollander
FriApr 0511:45 AM12:45 PMNeuromodulation Technologies and Efficacy: A Review of the LiteratureMoshe Perl
FriApr 0512:45 PMEEG Evolution -- Vision For The FutureLars Vala
FriApr 0512:50 PMLunch
FriApr 0502:15 PM3:30 PMMeditating on the BrainSebern Fisher
FriApr 0503:30 PM04:30 PMThis Protocol Isn't Working: Treatment or Therapy?Ed Hamlin
FriApr 0504:30 PMBreak
FriApr 0504:45 PM06:15 PMDevelopmental TraumaRob Coben & Anne Stevens
FriApr 0606:45 PM07:15 PMCocktails (cash bar)
FriApr 0507:30 PMDinner
FriApr 0509:00 PMProtocol Swap
SatApr 0607:00 AM08:30 AMBreakfast
SatApr 0608:30 AM10:30Training Brain NetworksRob Coben
SatApr 0610:30 AM12:30Unresolved NF Questions: Panel with Ed Hamlin, , Rob Coben, Sebern Fisher, Ed Jacobs, Mike Cohen
SatApr 0612:30 PMLunch
SatApr 0602:00 PM3:00 PMEMDR and NFLeigh Povia
SatApr 0603:00 PM04:00 PMWhy Isn’t Everyone Doing Neurofeedback?Mark Gapen
SatApr 0604:00 PMBreak
SatApr 0604:15 PM05:45 PMUnleashing Your Superpower: Neurofeedback’s power to transcend human conditioning.Ed Hamlin
SatApr 0605:45 PMConference Ends